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JUNE 2015 News

Hi, Reports for new season.

Mackerel have been caught, but not in large shoals.
Early Pollack, with some Herring, Still catching Whiting, which are normally a winter fish.
Blonde rays to 28lbs, Undulates, and Spotted rays, with few Thornbacks.
Smoothhounds to 16lbs, with lots of males up to 7.5lbs.
No Tope as yet, but should arrive with more Mackerel soon.
Bream spread about on various marks.
Lesser spotted dogs on all trips.

Given some good weather, prospects look really good.

Adam has qualified and is running most of the trips.

Book early for July and August as we will be very busy.

Note: payment secures your booking, in case of bad weather, or if the trip is cancelled, a credit for another trip, or a refund.

December 2014

Hi, Adam my son has joined the business this year, and has been working with me , running the boat in & out whilst completing the courses for his skippers ticket. I will still be running the boat with him for next season, but will take a bit more time off. Eventually Adam will run the business, I will help out and enjoy my fishing.

This season has not been the best for him to learn, as the shortage of Mackerel made fish hard to find. The coloured sea (due to some sort of algae) has stayed all season, and has not cleared yet! Normally after the May seed bloom by June the sea is quite clear. I assume the Mackerel have followed the cleaner water, and will be back when ours cleans up?

Also Tope were down in numbers, due to no Mackerel?. Smoothhound also fewer, the dredging outside the Nab tower, has been constant all year, this I believe has removed all the Crab from these areas, which the Smoothhounds feed on before having their offspring?. Many of the shingle banks have now been removed, leaving just mud and clay, which will take a long time before any natural growth can re-habitate these areas.

Ray catches have been good, making up for the other species, I tagged over 130 so far, with the ban on commercial catches, the species will have a good chance to recover to previous levels.

Whiting have been caught all year, and are now not just a winter fish, Congers showing all over, with many on Cod marks, These are mostly small fish, which shows they are still breeding, despite a worry that a anomaly in cross breeding has reduced their reproductive process.

I am still running trips, although the weather has reduced many of trip dates. We are looking for Cod catches, but mostly Whiting Congers & rays ,with the ever present dogfish.

Happy Christmas to all my fellow anglers.

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Chris Solomon