from Bembridge Harbour on the Isle of Wight

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Cachalot Charters 2018

Established 1999, When Chris and Priscilla Solomon move to the Island from Kent. Having three boats before, on the beach at Hastings ,this was the grounding to make a fishing charter boat a profession.

Now in 2018, Adam Solomon is Skipper and will continue running Cachalot Charters. Times have changed, but the level of business has been maintained.

Conservation is now a big issue. Our tagging schemes have saved thousands of fish , and added to the knowledge of conservation. Bans on catching fish, and conservation areas will all impact on our business. The attraction of a boat trip, catching supper, experiencing a voyage at sea seem as popular as ever, and we work within the restrictions to provide a memorable experience.

Working out of Bembridge Harbour, our future within the harbour is unclear as change and inevitable new construction works take place.

Safety, regulations, diesel prices mooring fees ,insurances, compliance all impact on our business with increasing regularity.

The concept I started is ongoing and enjoyed by all who embark.

Chris & Adam

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Chris Solomon